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MEMORIES: 100 years ago

A movement should be started in Marion, either by precedent or by city order, to get people to park their automobiles in some systematic and convenient way on the prominent streets. On Saturdays, and days when there is an especially large crowd in town, the congestion of cars on some of the streets leads to a great deal of inconvenience.

A good crowd representing all parts of the county came to the Auditorium Sunday afternoon to attend the meeting which put the plans underway for this county to do its share in helping relieve the suffering in Belgium caused by the war.

The Williams Suitatorium has changed management. Burton Smith, who has for some time been associated with Roy Williams in the business, has purchased it and will continue it at the same place.

Have you seen that seafood window at the Williams meat market? There are things for a Thanksgiving dinner that are seldom seen in a small town like this. Fish of several varieties, and big overgrown crawdads which society mistakenly calls lobsters, and big red-backed crabs. A pretty display.

The stores are beginning to put out their Christmas goods but it is hardly time yet for us to warn you about getting in the market early for your Christmas buying.

Some samples of the new paper money of the Reserve Bank, of which the Marion National Bank is a member, are on display in the bank window.

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