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march 11, 1915

Some of the unpaved streets about town have been almost impassable for several days. The “break” between the pavements, on the way to the Rock Island station, is one of the worst places. One of the drays, with only a light load, was about an hour making those two blocks one day last week. On Sunday night the hack got stuck in the same place, broke a wheel and the passengers had to wade out. The block in front of the Elgin hotel—between Main and Santa Fe street pavements is also “a fright.”

It seems that in stating last week that A.F. Battey of Florence is county agent for the Harley-Davidson motorcycle the Record was partly in error. A Hillsboro man writes to say that G.L. Klassen of Hillsboro is agent for the territory “west of Marion and north of Peabody.”

Congressman Doolittle has sent word to Pollock Post that under an act of Congress recently passed the Post will be enabled to secure a condemned bronze or brass cannon or field piece with suitable outfit of cannon balls, all for landscape decorative purposes. We believe that the Post has not decided where the cannon will be placed. It is not known just how soon the cannon will be ready for shipment.

Saw a squirrel this morning jump down into the snow, which was about a foot deep, go to a place 30 feet or more from the tree, dig a hole down through the snow, and after digging a minute come up with a nut. And if you have nothing else to do for a few minutes, you might figure out how he is able to do that.

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