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march 25, 1915

Fred Kreuger says the place to see where the weather of the last weeks has gotten in its work is the stock corrals—particularly the hog lots. He says that he knows of one place where the farmer went out one day to feed his hogs and couldn’t see any of them in the lot. But soon a hog’s nose appeared and then gradually the whole hog emerged and then another and another came out from the depths. Now that man Kreuger is a Truthful Man, but we’ll be dadbinged if we’re going to say you have to believe this story. It’s a free country and you do as you please.

Rev. E.E. Erffmeyer, for several years pastor of the Evangelical church here has been transferred to the church at Hutchinson. Marion people are exceedingly sorry to have Mr. and Mrs. Erffmeyers leave.

Mr. Parsons, a man from Blackwell, Okla., has leased the Elgin Hotel for five years, and bought the hotel furniture. He has had ten or twelve years experience in the hotel business. Mr. and Mrs. Sparks and Mrs. Wheelock will move into the Wheelock residence.

The people of Kansas will have an opportunity to hear Mme. Johanna Gadski, the world’s great soprano, in a song recital at Lindsborg Messiah week.

The M.E. church in Lincolnville will indulge in the luxury of new pews, Archie Smith being the architect and builder.

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