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july 1, 1915

Major Fred Lewis has returned from Rosedale where he has been superintendent of construction on a building which the State erected for the State Medical School.

Douglas Revo launched a few days ago the motor boat which he has been building for some time, at odd times. It is the finest boat on the river. It is a delight just to look at the sort of work a real workman like that man Revo turns out.

Ethel Gardner and Marjorie Winchester entertained their little girl friends at a matinee on Saturday and a picnic afterward at Spring Branch. There were about twenty-three guests and they were taken in autos out to the picnic grounds by Mr. Gardner and Mrs. Winchester.

The county Boys’ Camp near Peabody begins today and lasts a week. About fifteen Marion boys went.

You will not find any nicer sweet potato, cabbage and tomato plants than those for sale by Sidney Holder at Loveless store, or at his home.

Mildred Good, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Good, had a party on Saturday for about thirty of her little friends. It was given in celebration of her fifth birthday anniversary which occurred on Friday. Dainty refreshments were served and all the little people fished for favors which were varied and pleasing.

Mr. Scott, who drives a cream wagon, was quite badly injured by a horse the other day. His ear was torn and his limb injured.

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