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july 15, 1915

A German school, which has been in progress at the Valley School building for several weeks, with Miss Friesen as teacher, closed on Tuesday. There was a good attendance, the interest was fine, and those who attended felt that the instruction was excellent. The teacher gave her pupils a surprise on the closing day by serving ice cream.

Life is full of tragedies. The other day a couple of boys went swimmin’ and when they emerged from the old swimmin’ hole and looked for their clothes, they found an old cow calmly chewing one perfectly good pair of pants, having already lunched on the underclothes and a sack of candy. The clothes that were left were sufficient for escape.

Florence has been making business for the officers recently. Last week, 15 or 20 young fellows from there were brought up here on a charge of shooting craps. They pleaded guilty and it cost each of them something over $18. Several of them belong to prominent Florence families. This experience ought to be valuable to them, though they should be able to get along without it. And, because we believe that no good purpose would be served in this case, since it was the first time most of them had been in any trouble of the sort, we did not publish their names.

Adv—A beautiful line of street, party, and housedresses and children’s parasols at half price at Mrs. McCormac’s.

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