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august 5, 1915

Rosse Case has added a self starter to his auto. It is of the General Electrical Co.’s make. This is the latest improvement to the Case car and if tales are true it is one of many. In fact people say you can find almost anything you are looking for in that car. It was originally a Ford but it has been so improved, torn out and built in, that it is now generally known just as the “Case Car.”

Mr. Western Martin showed us specimens of beets and potatoes from his garden the other day, beets weighing over three pounds and potatoes weighing over a pound each. Pretty good!

Mrs. Fred Collett and children, Henry and Dorothy, were in from Elk on Tuesday.

The Aulne Automobile Company advertises “The Wonder Car,” — the new 1916 Maxwell. An absolutely complete car. It is a 5-passenger car, with electric starter, electric lights, high tension magneto, and every refinement. A beautiful car, a powerful 50-mile-per hour car, yet a lightweight real economy car—for $655.

Wallis Hoch, Al Richardson, J.W. Reed of Florence and Homer Hoch started Friday a.m. on an auto trip to Colorado. They expect to be gone about two weeks and camp out most of the time.

F.L. Dockstader returned Sunday from a month’s trip to New Mexico where Mrs. Dockstader is “holding down” a claim. Their claim is near Sampson.

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