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september 16, 1915

A great big crowd is expected at the Old Settlers’ Picnic here on Wednesday, September 29, and plans are being made to see that the affair is “pulled off right.” As this year is the Fiftieth Anniversary of the organization of Marion county, the celebration has special significance, and special attention is being given on that account.

The temporary electric light arrangement was completed last week and the “juice” turned on on Friday evening. Power is being furnished by the engine at the Cottonwood Valley Mill, and the lights are on from six o’clock until midnight.

The market for horses, owing to war demand, was good early in the season, but the fact that the price being paid was dropped about $25, has made horses harder to get. Thousands of horses are being bought over this country, however. Cavalry horses are bringing about $120 and artillery horses about $165.

The Santa Fe will run a special train through here on September 22nd, for the State Fair. The train will leave here at 6:30 a.m. and return that night at 10 o’clock.

Mrs. L.O. Hildwein and daughter Lola returned Friday from their visit with relatives at Shamrock, Texas.

Only four of the boys, who were in the corn contest, brought in their sample ears of corn. H.H. Byram of Grant Twp. got the prize, which entitles him to a free trip to Hutchinson and entertainment for five days.

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