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october 21, 1915

A large crowd witnessed the auto polo exhibition here Tuesday afternoon, and in spite of the fact that no one was hurt, the exhibition was a success! No use trying to describe the thing—you have to see it to get the thrill. Perhaps half dozen wheels were broken—that was the only damage. The crowd was very much interested, and seemed to get their money’s worth.

A local photo-play, with local characters, is being filmed here today and will be shown on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. It is called “Won From the Flames,” a thriller being, as you would guess, a rescue from a burning building. This scene will be put on in the business section of the town, and then there will be a picnic scene in the Park, and various other scenes about town.

It is thought that Alma Kjellin, one of the persons killed in the railroad wreck near Manhattan last Saturday, was a niece of Rev. Kjellin, one time pastor of the Baptist church here. She went to school here for a short time and made her home with Mrs. W.W. Loveless.

George Whisman’s old horse Flora got mired in the creek back of his place the other day, and it took a lot of men and boys, with block and tackle, to get her out. This old horse, which is 28 years old, has served faithfully for so many years, that everyone of the family would do anything for her. This horse was ridden by Mrs. Whisman’s brother at the time of the race at the opening of The Strip in Oklahoma 22 years ago.

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