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november 11, 1915

A number from here attended the Collett sale at Elk Last week. It was an ideal day, there was a very large crowd, and things sold exceedingly well.

Marion county is furnishing more than her quota of men this fall on the football eleven of Kansas State Normal. They are Arthur Hirschler of Hillsboro, Eldon Shupe of Lost Springs, and Sam Smith of Florence.

It was a great bunch of boosters that accompanied the Chase county High School team here last Friday for the big foot-ball game. They came in a special train, had their band along, and marched in parade down Main street.

The Boys’ Clubs of Marion and Peabody—of the Y.M.C.A.—are planning a little stunt for Saturday morning. They will vie with the old pony express in carrying a message from one town to the other. The Marion boys will carry a message from Mayor Josiah Good to Mayor H.A. Kobel of Peabody by relays of a half mile each. The starts will be made simultaneously at exactly 9 o’clock. The team that makes the distance in the shortest time will be declared the winner. The start and finish of the race here at Marion will be a point directly in front of the State Bank of Commerce. The finish should be about 10:45 if the roads are good.

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