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december 30, 1915

Al Richardson made the lucky guess and got the diamond ring at Sheldon’s. The guess was on the number of grains of corn the rooster kept in the store window for a week or two would eat within an hour—under certain conditions announced to the customers and to the rooster in advance.

The number was 456 and Al Richardson guessed the exact number. The guesses ran all the way from one to 6,000.

Charley Elliott’s car bucked again Monday afternoon near the Morning Star Schoolhouse. He was at the steering wheel, and the car turned completely over. Presumably, the trouble is with the steering apparatus and was the same cause of the accident to Clem Smith the week before.

The K.U. Marion County Club had a delightful affair at the Masonic rooms last night when they gave their annual banquet to the K.U. graduates, students and future students of the university. About 50 young people attended.

Harry Rogers did a nice thing in giving the free Christmas show for the children last Thursday afternoon. The film was a beautiful Christmas presentation, excellent in tone, and was greatly enjoyed not only by the children but also by the adults who saw it.

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