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february 24, 1916

About 300 people gathered around the banquet tables at the Methodist church Monday evening for a patriotic banquet honoring the birthday of President George Washington. Tables were tastefully decorated in red, white and blue, and the memorable Cherry tree and hatchet. Old Glory was every where exalted. It was a real Methodist Church family affair and every one had a good time.

Walker Bros. have completed some improvements in their store which have been in progress for several weeks and now have a splendidly furnished establishment. They have put in a lot of suit cabinets, with sliding hangers, a lot of mirrors and all that sort of thing and added both to the convenience and the niftiness of things.

The approaching election will be the first in Kansas where women have had the opportunity of voting for President.

Phillips & Son will have to add some more room to their establishment if they don’t quit adding so much up-to-date equipment. They have recently put in a big new lathe, and expensive equipment for doing all sorts of welding by the new Oxy-Acetylene process. They now have power driven machines of all sorts for work in their line.

Leap year has become very popular this year. Several girls are waiting the pending decisions of several M.H.S. boys’ parents.

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