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march 9, 1916

R.E. Chapman of Aulne was injured in a runaway Wednesday as he and Mrs. Chapman were on their way to Marion. In trying to get out and catch the team, he was thrown under the wheel and was brought to Marion Hospital for treatment. Mrs. Chapman was not injured.

The first of the series of Fox Features will be shown at the Auditorium next Wednesday evening. It will be “St. Elmo” in six reels. Admission to those not holding season tickets is 10 cents.

Dr. Eye has at his office a splendid organ which he took in “on account” sometime ago, and if there is some country church in the county which needs an instrument of that kind, he will donate it.

A very hair-raising event happened in the Domestic Arts room at the high school the other day. Two girls caught and killed a mouse, while the rest of the girls stood upon the table “horror-struck.”

Forty or fifty men met Tuesday evening and started plans for organizing a club to promote the interests of the town and surrounding country. A committee was appointed to draft plans of organization — the committee consisting of town people and farmers. It is a fine thing. Boost it.

About 250 oil leases have been filed. Monday was the “record” day — nearly 100 coming in that day, bringing filing fees to about $150.

Last modified March 9, 2016