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April 20, 1916

The businessmen of the town have arranged to give a free matinee at the Auditorium each Wednesday afternoon beginning next Wednesday and running for six weeks. It is hoped many of the people of this vicinity will take advantage of the opportunity given them.

Charlie Firebaugh, who took the civil service examination some months ago for rural mail carrier and who has been acting as carrier on route seven, has been appointed as regular carrier.

C.W. Phillips & Son have just finished a fine piece of welding work. They have been lengthening the frame of the automobile which W.H. Thompson recently bought and intends to make into a motor hearse. The job necessitated cutting the heavy frame and welding in eighteen inches to lengthen it and also the splicing of the driving shaft, the brake rods and brace rods. It was a difficult piece of work but finely done.

The sociable canker worm will be crawling down our necks in another week or so. They have hatched out during the past week, but are so small that they will not be noticed without close examination.

A number of musicians of the town met Tuesday evening and got things started for the organization of a band. We are glad to see it “get to going” again. They will play tomorrow afternoon on Main Street before the track meet.

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