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june 15, 1916

There have been two more floods through the valley since our last issue—one on Sunday and one on Tuesday and Wednesday. The Sunday flood came very rapidly early in the morning and caused many losses along Mud Creek and Clear Creek. The Cottonwood took its turn and came out of the banks Tuesday afternoon. The highest mark registered on the gauge at the stone-arch bridge was just a little above 10 feet on Sunday.

A considerable part of the cellar wall of Henry Kable’s residence caved in as a result of the flood last Sunday. The pressure from the outside became so great before the water filled the cellar.

Talk about enterprise—when the flood waters came in on the floor of his café Tuesday evening, that man Rolley simply moved a lot of stuff and the necessary tools to the old P.O. building and in 15 minutes was serving meals in the new location.

The painting and decorating firm of McMillen & Boothe have painted and papered the homes of the following: J.D. Saggau, Sam Freeland, Robert Marshall, August Bower, Frank Knott. J.B. Skinner, Dan Propp. To be painted and decorated: Strassburgh church, Ezra Shafer home, Ehrlich’s Garage, Rolley’s Café, and Mrs. Sophia McIntosh home.

It is splendid work which the city officials have had done to prevent further injury to the east approach of the stone-arch bridge, during the floods.

Last modified June 16, 2016