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june 22, 1916

Marion has had over fifteen inches of rain since the twenty-ninth of May. Over half of the average year’s moisture has fallen in the past three weeks.

The report of the number of automobiles owned in Kansas which was published this week from the office of the Secretary of State shows that old dobbin is rapidly losing out. Marion County is listed tenth in number of cars owned out of the one hundred and five counties and practically all of the leading nine have city populations a great deal larger than Marion County.

The flood pictures which were taken here a week ago and which were shown at the Auditorium Tuesday night drew a good crowd despite the fact that nature was running opposition on the outside free of charge. The pictures were clear and well taken.

Some of the seriousness of the trouble in Mexico came home to Marion this week when several Marion boys received orders to report at the company headquarters of the Kansas National Guard. Marion friends of the boys who went from here wish them a safe return.

The first meeting of the newly organized Marion Community Club last Friday evening was well attended and the club begins work with indications of wide and real interest. One of the first purposes of the club is to promote the mutual interest and cooperation between town and country, which should exist for the advantage of both. The following officers were elected: President, Earl Jones, Manager of Badger Lumber Co. yard; Vice president, Dr. R.C. Smith; Treasurer, H.C. Perry, cashier of the Marion National Bank.

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