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july 6, 1916

A number of Marion citizens appeared before the State Charter Board in Topeka yesterday in connection with application for a charter for a new bank here. Resistance was offered to the granting of the charter on the grounds that the field does not justify any more banks. This point was argued, pro and con, and the Board took the matter under advisement.

Marion people scattered to nearby towns and into the country to spend the Fourth, or enjoyed a quiet day at home, there being no celebration here.

Rev. Rutledge and Richie Taylor caught 111 fish on the Fourth between the hours of one and five o’clock. Seventy-one of them were good size and the other 40 to small for use—well, believe it or not—the preacher told us and we know it is so—at least that is the way we feel about it now.

The Kansas boys being sent to the Mexico border need to hear from home. Col. Hoisington is asking that home people send the boys baseball outfits, checkers, chess, dominoes, boxing gloves, sprinter’s shoes, home papers, letters, and magazines, things Uncle Sam does not furnish. The early days in camp will be hard on them and feeling that home folks are backing them up will be a big comfort right now.

Mildred Revo was operated on last week for appendicitis and is getting along nicely. It proved that a tack had lodged there, making the difficulty.

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