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august 24, 1916

The repair work on the stone-arch bridge approach began last week. The wall will be built upstream about eighty feet and then a “return” wall built to the bank

The Seymour Packing Co. expects to employ from seventy-five to ninety people.

By the way, have you noticed how fine west Main street is looking these days? And lots of business there too. There’s a new garage, all dressed up, and the new packing plant looming up to the west, in addition to the two big poultry houses, Freeland’s Veterinary hospital, two good blacksmith shops and the big feed barn. Fine doin’s.

Topeka papers carried an item on Tuesday to the effect that Louis Myers, one of the young men recently sent to the penitentiary for the killing of Marshal Healea, was permitted to go to Wichita, with a guard, to attend the funeral of his mother. The story said that the mother died of a broken heart, having grieved continuously since that tragedy. All of which is not unlikely, for it is the old, old story of the innocent suffering for the guilty. But punishment cannot be withheld merely because the innocent will suffer, even though the innocent one be some devoted mother.

People are out today with petitions in connection with the movement for a new High School building.

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