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september 7, 1916

Forest Searles says that he and others have been making a business of shipping clam shells taken from the Cottonwood river for several years and have shipped five car loads. The shells sell for about twenty dollars a ton and are used in the manufacture of buttons. The clams have to be taken from the bed of the stream, one at a time. Many pearls are found, and some of them bring a good price. The clams now are nearly all gone from the river.

The net amount received from the Ringless circus given by the boys and girls last week was $17.40, which has been deposited as a starter toward equipment for a public playground. It is a fine cause that deserves every encouragement.

Stout Motor Co. is expecting a shipment of the new Fords in a short time. The new models are certainly classy.

Yesterday afternoon, September 6th, at four o’clock, occurred the marriage of Miss Clara Gaunt and Mr. Orville Miesse at the bride’s home. There was present about forty guests, being relatives and a few close friends.

Gus Schmersey has bought Carl Ehrlich’s interest in the Cash Grocery and will continue the business himself. For fifteen years or so, he has been serving the public there on the corner, having begun with Ehrlich’s as a delivery boy. By devotion to duty, by straight and courteous dealing he has worked up until he is now sole proprietor and one of the town’s most highly respected business men.

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