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february 15, 1917

Marion is to have a third bank. It will be the Farmers and Drovers National Bank of Marion. Promoters say the bank will probably be open for business within 60 days. The following officers have been named: D.M. Higgins, president; John T. Salthouse, vice president; and Wirt C. Salthouse, cashier. These three, together with the following, constitute the board of directors: Dr. G.E. Eye, D.W. Wheeler, G.H. Wight and John Gardner.

Prospects are very strong that Marion will have City Mail Delivery soon. Under a general law recently passed by Congress, cities of the second class, such as Marion, having a certain amount of receipts, are given this service.

It was a uniquely good time that about one hundred and twenty-five mothers and daughters had together on Tuesday evening at the Skating Rink. Everyone took some part all the way from being a lion right out of his den to a real Shakespearean Romeo and Juliet. Indeed mothers and daughters were all of one age for about three hours.

The new water cooling system is now in operation at the city power plant, and dependence does not have to be put upon the water from the city well for cooling the engines. The water system can now be shut down for repairs without interfering with the lights. Water is circulated from a large cistern for cooling purposes.

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