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april 12, 1917

Loyalty Day—last Friday—was a great day in Marion. The demonstration was one that will not soon be forgotten. If anyone had any doubt of the deep patriotic sentiment of this community he certainly must have had his doubt removed by what he saw and heard on that occasion. The flag was everywhere—on buildings, on autos, and carried by the marchers.

Perhaps few people here realize the magnitude of the egg and poultry business done by the Marion produce houses. The past year they have done between four and five hundred thousand dollars’ worth of cash business.

Over twenty Marion boys have already answered the call and signed up for enlistment, mostly in the National Guard. The period of enlistment is for three years of service and three years of what is called “reserve.” Members are subject to call at any time within the six years.

Dr. Entz was here on Tuesday to meet with the County Commissioners sitting as the Board of Health. Dr. Entz says that there is quite an epidemic of measles over the county and that some of the adjoining counties are not observing the quarantine regulations, as they should.

Last modified April 5, 2017