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july 5, 1917

The Post Office Department has postponed the date for beginning the Free City Delivery to Oct. 1, and promise is given that everything will be ready for starting the service on that date.

The Home Talent Play given by the Aulne Players here last Friday evening was well presented, all the participants doing their parts with credit. Between forty and fifty dollars was taken in and after expenses paid, $17.50 turned in to the Co. M. fund.

The Tampa Chautauqua is in progress this week, and will close on Saturday night.

Picnic parties strung all along the river yesterday, and it was a Glorious Day for the chiggers!

A large number of people enjoyed the Concert given by the Band in Central Park Sunday afternoon. People were there, in cars, from many parts of the county.

The new Aulne church, to which extended reference was made last week, was dedicated on Sunday and the day was a great occasion for the community. The weather was favorable, the attendance was good, the services were interesting and helpful and the response to the financial appeal was exceedingly hearty and generous. Dedication Day was a magnificent finish for this splendid enterprise.

Wheat and oats harvest has been in full swing in this county this week and the weather has been ideal for it—cool, and easy on both men and horses.

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