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june 26, 1919

“Muskogee Red,” the itinerant printer, drifted in the other day and went to work for us. He was following his sixth sense, which tells him where help is needed.

One of the big ditching machines on the drainage work was taken to a point south of the park and work began on the ditch Monday morning.

All the trees which were in the way of the excavation were cleared away the last of the week.

The first work which the crew is doing is from a point southeast of the Western Martin place to the first bend south of the stone arch bridge.

Jacob Batt expects to move his Overland and Essex agency next week to the room he has recently purchased and which is being improved—formerly the Phillips blacksmith shop. The room, which Mr. Batt now occupies, will be taken by L.E. Pritz with his Willard Battery Stations.

Western Martin and E.L. Martin have been moving the buildings from their place, to their land on the hill south of the cemetery. The drainage work compelled the removal.

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