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july 17, 1919

Coming! Mary Pickford and Daddy Long Legs, Auditorium, July 28 and 29

A room is being fitted up in the front of the Rudd plumbing shop for Sam Haldeman’s barber shop. A very attractive place will be made there. His barber shop had to be moved because of the opening next month of the Oyer-Riggs grocery in the building formerly occupied by him.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. McFadden purchased a Hudson Speedster from the Propp-Curtis agency this week.

Will Moore has been laying a system of cement walks about the R.B. Harris home this past week.

Mrs. Jacob Siebert and children and Mrs. Walter Siebert and Paul expect to leave today for an outing in Colorado. Mr. J.H. Siebert and Mr. Walter Siebert expect to drive out later and join them.

The Hauser building next to the Kline meat market is being fitted up for the new restaurant of T.S. Waller. The quarters now being occupied being too crowded.

The Byron Stout home on the hill has been given a new coat of paint.

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