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september 4, 1919

About fifty or more of the businessmen of the town met last night in the rooms over the Rolley Café, with members of the Argus Oil Company, in a “get acquainted meeting.”

Many problems that will arise out of an oil boom were discussed. A start was made toward finding what can be done to secure the gas supply from the Argus well for the city.

The soldiers’ celebration went off Monday according to schedule, and the big crowd was furnished with amusements from the time it began to arrive in the morning until midnight or after.

People from all parts of the county were here. It was a very successful accomplishment of a big undertaking.

Adv—Mary Pickford in one of her best pictures at the Auditorium Friday, Sept. 5th.

Members of the Farmers Union at Antelope had a big picnic last Thursday. The Union there is very active, having just completed an elevator of 22,000-bushel capacity. Long time business man Tom Reed outlined the future prosperity of Antelope with it enterprising inhabitants and the great oil pool lying right under foot.

Last modified Sept. 4, 2019