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March 4, 1920

The Board of Education has asked the Mayor to call a bond election at the city election April 6th. The amount asked for is $187,000 to be used for the erection of a new high school building and for repair of present property.

The Board of Education proposes to place the building on the lots now owned by the school district south east of the Hill building. The new building would face Lincoln avenue.

The ditching machine on the drainage project north of town which has been shut down since the beginning of the fuel shortage in the early winter, began work again the first of the week.

Work on the new Christian church is progressing rapidly and the corner stone will be laid with appropriate services March 13th.

The M.O.N. girls had a six o’clock dinner at the home of Miss Eldena Williamson last Friday evening. The dinner was cooked by the girls and was in honor of Misses Amy Brose and Cliffie Rowland, it being their birthday anniversaries. The dinner was followed by a line party to the picture show. It was a very enjoyable evening.

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