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may 26, 1921

The first of a series of Community Sales, which it is proposed to be put on in Marion, was held here Wednesday and came up to all reasonable expectations. A fine crowd was in town, many being here who do not regularly make this town their trading point. Merchants generally report they are greatly pleased with the results of the day.

Marshal Eichenberger of Florence discovered a barrel of home brew beer between the domiciles of two ntegroes at Florence the other day. There were four negro men living in the two houses and being unable to tell who the owner of the beer was, he just threw all four of the men in, pending investigation.

An eastern woman suing for divorce was given in the settlement $300 a month for pin money. What, we would like to ask, kind of pins do they have back east?

Did you ever see a mirage in Marion? Well, many did last week. It was a reflection of the Case building in the northern sky, and was very distinct, especially in its cornice outlines. And, by the way this seems to upset the commonly accepted theory that such reflections are seen only on the ocean or in deserts.

Does any “old settler” remember a spring drought before?

Marion Central Park, with its fine tourist facilities, is gaining a fine reputation among the trans-continental tourists and is making the city a place that will be remembered by dozens of campers.

The city has now fitted up the bath house on the south side for the convenience of the campers. Trees will be planted along the edge of the new channel and we understand that a stove is to be put there and the city is already furnishing wood for the campers to use.

Henry Foote, a junior at Tabor College was drowned Tuesday afternoon while swimming at the regular swimming place at Hillsboro. Two boys were with him but were unable to reach him in time.

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