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JAN. 23, 1908

Next Wednesday will be the 47th anniversary of the admission of Kansas into the Union. Ladies of the Methodist Episcopal church have planned to celebrate with a chicken pie dinner served at the noon hour. Kansas-grown and adopted sons and daughters have many times voted her the best state in the Union, and here is an occasion to come together and have a jolly good time. At the supper hour, they will make a specialty of hot biscuits and honey. And doesn’t that sound good!

The building on Main Street, belonging to Mrs. S.R. Johnson that was damaged by fire last fall is being repaired, lathed, and plastered. A.F. Jackson will move laundry machinery into the rooms when they are completed.

W.K. Palmer, the genial superintendent of the poor farm who met with a painful accident recently, breaking three ribs, is getting along so nicely that he was able to come to town Monday. We were glad to see him.

The weather to date has not been very encouraging for icemen, but don’t you know, we have been enjoying this Colorado climate so thoroughly, we forgot to worry about the iceman.

A special feature Monday evening at the Rink was a race between C.H. Wheelock and Alfred Matzes. They circled the room 23 times, making the course about a mile in length. A lively interest was shown in the contest in which both boys showed great skill in swift skating. Matzes came out the victor.

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