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July 15, 2009

Nobody knows where he came from but many Marion residents are familiar with him. He’s the big, black rooster that many people see on Main Street by Central Park and on the north side of Main Street. Attempts have been made to capture the wild fowl, but so far, the wily rooster has outsmarted them.

Marion Mayor Mary Olson rode an elephant Sunday afternoon to start the 4:30 p.m. circus near Marion County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro. The circus was a fundraiser for Marion County Fair Association.

Cris Peterson, Nina Bittle’s PA-C nurse, has been recognized as the outstanding employee for the third quarter of 2009 by St. Luke Hospital & Living Center, Marion County Home Care, and St. Luke Physicians Clinic.

After setting empty for years, the former nursing home in Florence will have new life. The new owner, David Weseloh of Midland, Texas, plans to renovate the building calling it Sunshine Residential Center to become a hotel that caters to senior citizens.

Pictured is “Miss Geraldine” (Tanya Eklund of Ramona) as she raises her arm in victory after being crowned Miss Redneck 2009 at Ramona’s Fourth of July Redneck in Ramona celebration.

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