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march 12, 1908

“It is with pardonable pride, we think, that we present this issue of the Record to our old, as well as two thousand new, readers… we did not realize what a mammoth undertaking it was, both regarding time and space.”

The remainder of this issue is devoted to “Momentous Facts About Marion” and tells of her growth in the past and her prospects for the coming year of 1908. The following is an encapsulated form of some of the information:

“Kansas has been called the “Garden spot of the World” for decades. Marion County abounds in all that is best in Kansas.”

“Good building stone is here in plenty. The court house, finished last year, and nearly all the large business blocks as well as many residences are constructed of this material.”

“The auditorium is located near the center of the city, close to beautiful Central Park. The park is a magnificent track of native woodland about ten acres in extent, traversed by Muddy creek, (which belies its name, for it’s not muddy at all.)”

Titles of articles include Corn, Grasses, Wheat, Blue Grass, Markets, Live Stock, City of Marion, Electric Lights, Street Improvements, Cement Walks, Auditorium, Central Park, Religious Organizations, Library, a listing of Marion’s Business Men, Commercial Club, Fraternal Orders, and Three Newspapers.

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