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september 17, 1908

Marion Zercher, an old Marion boy, was shaking hands with old friends Wednesday. He was looking for some of the boys who used to make mud pies and ride the plank down Muddy to the dam at Funk’s mill but as he has been away from Marion for thirteen years the old familiar faces were not so easy to locate.

F.J. Rogers’ Model Shows will be in Marion September 21st. According to their advance notices they have a collection of trained animals, dogs, goats, ponies and monkeys that are just full of tricks. They also have a number of trained horses and the original Maud, the kicker, of comic picture fame. They also advertise a free exhibition outside the tent before each performance.

V.H. McMillen authorizes us to say that Thursday evening will be reserved for ladies at the bowling alley.

Kansas apples will surely take the lead his year for fine flavor and uniformity in size. H.H. Dunn, who lives on the Adams farm south of town, brought in the finest lot of Jonathans and Grimes Golden apples this morning that have arrived in Marion. The supply however is limited.

Many people are of the opinion that gas can be found in the immediate vicinity of Marion. G.W. Shaw of the Elmdale Gas Co. is leasing land at Elk—now wouldn’t it be funny if he should get down close to Marion after while and strike gas in the location where gas is not supposed to be.

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