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Feb. 4, 1909

The owner of the Y.M.C.A. building, Mr. Chas. Wheeler, recently purchased the 50-foot front lot on the west and intends to soon erect a good building thereon, entrance to the second stories of both buildings to be by a new stairway. An elevator is also to be installed on the first floor. Work will begin as soon as possible.

One hundred fresh books have been received at the Library this week.

Marion will vote next Tuesday, the 9th, for a new waterworks and an electric light plant. There is no question but that the city needs a better waterworks system and it needs an electric light plant.

There is a monstrosity at the Freeland Bros. veterinary hospital, a calf head which measures 14 inches from front to back and 22 inches across in line with the ears. The calf was normal in every other way.

Are you aware of the fact that an airship will visit this locality soon? Come and get your money’s worth. Prepare for the flight. It is coming. The Areo Transit Company.

Mr. Chas. Kleinhammer surprised his daughter, Miss Clara, last week by presenting her a beautiful Cornish piano.

The heavy wind of last Thursday night broke the front window of the Grand Mercantile Co. About 9:30 while the wind was traveling about 60 miles an hour, the crash came. No damage resulted beyond the broken glass.

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