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april 8, 1909

Mr. Isaac Good will begin the construction of his new home on Elm street in the next few days. It is his purpose to build a commodious ten-room house, enough to be comfortable when the family is all together. The grounds have been cleared and when the dwelling is finished nature will be materially aided in making a beautiful place of it.

One of those little machines that annihilate distance, almost, the autocycle, was received last Saturday by Mr. I.E. Runyan. It’s a Thor and is a very speedy machine.

Geo. Holder is back at his old position with the Badger Lumber Co. For the past two years, he was employed as fireman at the electric light plant in the state house at Topeka.

The City Bakery, Hargett & Kennedy, proprietors, is ready for business. They are located first door west of the post office and are ready to furnish all good things supplied by an up-to-date bakery — bread, cakes, pies, also pastry of every kind.

A wagon will be started in about two weeks. Their phone will be installed before then, so ask central to call them up and the wagon will stop at your door.

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