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july 10, 1913

A dam that has been built across the creek at the sugar mill has made a fine improvement in the river. The level of the water is raised about 2½ feet, which is enough to allow boats to pass with ease the places where shallows formerly made it very difficult to pass even with a light boat. A sluice-way was left in the middle of the dam, and it is intended that rollers will be placed in it so that boats may be easily taken over. The water now comes up to the base of the wall along by the spring, covers up the unsightly mud banks and rocks, and always will be maintained at the level.

Union Sunday evening church services were begun last Sunday evening. A platform and seats for the purpose were erected on the Evangelical Church lawn. The ministers decided to move the platform from the north side of the park and preferred to go to the place named in preference to the south side of the park.

Mr. and Mrs. John Garrison were badly bruised as a result of a runaway the other day. One of the horses they were driving was frightened by an auto, which ran up behind them. The buggy was mashed to pieces, and the team ran about a mile after Mr. and Mrs. Garrison were thrown out. Neither of them had any bones broken and are able to be around again.

A basement is being excavated under the southeast part of the high school building to make room for the domestic science department. It will be a room the same size as that now used on the west side for the manual training department.

A big Chautauqua Booster trip will be pulled off July 15. There will be a string of autos, and the band will be along.

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