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dec. 11, 1913

Grandma Brooker, who has lived for more than 40 years on her farm southwest of Aulne, is about the spryest women of her age we know about.

She is 85 years old, does her own work, lives alone most of the time, and enjoys life.

One of her favorite pastimes is to take her ol’ muzzle-loading shotgun and tramp across the fields, hunting game. A friend who was telling me the other day says she can get a cottontail on the run or bring down a bird on the wing with best of ’em.

It is certainly fine to see a woman of her age able to do that sort of thing, and her many old friends are mighty glad to know that she is in good health and enjoying life.

The high school boys have rented the ground floor of the Masonic building for basketball.

No more sincere or general tribute was ever paid to a Marion man by his home people than was paid to Henderson S. Martin by his friends and neighbors on Tuesday evening.

The Masonic Hall was crowded with folks who came to show their regard for Mr. Martin and family and wish them well on their journey and in their life in the Philippines.

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