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JAN. 2, 1903

Time was when we fondly hoped to see Marion become a large city. That time, we frankly admit, is past. Now our chief ambition for the old town is to see it grow more and more a pleasant place in which to live and in which to do a steady, healthy business.

It is that sort of a town, now, and we want to see it improve its opportunities along these lines. We believe nature has done more for it than for any other town of its size in Kansas, and its citizens have done much.

Let us add to these charms. Let the sidewalk boom, and the paint boom, and the street parking boom, and the lawn adornment boom, and the macadam boom, and the cleanup, fix-up boom continue.

Let the schools and churches and clubs and other civic organizations be encouraged and kept in vigorous condition.

Let the rest room and public library be generously sustained. Let the lecture course be liberally patronized. Let every good thing, material, intellectual, and religious, be fostered.

Let our people cease to buy things away from home which they can buy at home — and that means about everything — and thus help themselves as well as the business men who deserve it — for helping others is nearly always helping yourself.

Let us do all these things, and others, that will help to make Marion a good place in which to live. If we can’t make a great city here, we can at least make Marion a good town to live in.

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