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july 23, 1886

The Wichita Eagle has been enlarged and is now as big as the RECORD — the same size, in fact. Next to Marion, we know of no boominger town than Wichita, and next to the RECORD no better paper than the Eagle. Long may it soar.

Mr. E.L. Snyder will avail himself of the “soldier rates” to California, and start for that golden clime next Monday, where he expects to visit a brother he has not seen for a long time.

An association was organized at Cottonwood Falls, last week, which calls itself “The Old Settlers Association of Chase and Marion counties.” Its object as set forth in section one of its articles of organization is “to promote good fellowship, to review the memories of the early days of pioneer life, and to gather and preserve the history of the said counties.”

The work of riveting on the sheets of the Liberty statue has been commenced and the goddess will soon rule over New York harbor.

The truth of history requires us to say that Walter Sharp has not leased his Health Resort, as we reported some weeks ago. The trade was not consummated.

Mr. C.W. Keller does not propose to depend exclusively on the clouds for his water supplies. With a fine new windmill and tank, and an inexhaustible well, he hopes to make his beautiful home blossom as the rose, to use an original figure, drought or no drought.

Marion gunners say that they will prosecute to the fullest extent anyone caught violating the game law. It is charged that certain persons, contrary to the spirit of honor that characterizes true sportsmen, and in violation of the statutes in such cases made and provided, persist in killing young prairie chickens. The RECORD heartily unites with these men in demanding that the young fowls of the field be permitted to get the full use of their wings before they are hunted.

Marion Needs

Marion needs a foundry and machine shops, canning factory, paper mill, starch factory, woolen mill, nursery, green house, library building, larger church buildings and more of them, pork packing establishment, water works, fire company, YMCA hall, and a sidewalk to the cemetery.

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