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august 6, 1886

Baptist Rally

The Baptists of Marion and vicinity are urgently invited to meet at the Presbyterian church in Marion on Thursday, Aug.12, to organize a Baptist church.

Let all that are friendly to the Baptist cause make it a point to be present, especially our friends in the country. Everybody cordially invited to the meetings.

Eclipses Them All

We have seen the front view of the fine business building to be erected on Main street by Messrs. Donaldson & Hosmer, and we can safely say of it that when done it will be the finest business building in Marion County.

It is to have a frontage of fifty feet, and a depth of one hundred or more. The first story will have a height of over fifteen feet and the second thirteen, with a handsome arch in the center.

The front is to be constructed of Missouri sand stone, the windows of the finest French plate glass, the transoms and a row of ornamental openings above the windows in the second story will be made of beautiful stained glass.

There are to be some marble columns in the second story front, and the whole building will be surmounted with a mansard roof of slate. In a word, it is to be a “daisy” of a building throughout. And thus we boom.

The stone work on the addition to the Methodist church has been let to Rhind & Harper for $2,000. The Aldrich Brothers have the remainder of the contract at something over $3,000. The edifice will be an ornament to Marion.

A business men’s meeting was held in the City Attorney’s office Tuesday night. We do not care to relate all that was said and done for silence is sometimes golden. Another meeting will be held this Friday evening at which time the proposition to incorporate Marion as a city of the second class will be further and perhaps finally considered. Let there be a full attendance.

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