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August 13, 1886

Al and Ben Carter have purchased the Steve Bown business building on the corner of Main and Fourth streets, and will open a hardware store therein as soon as they can get possession. They have a fine location, and being enterprising and experienced businessmen, will doubtless make a grand success of their new venture. Here’s hopin’ so, at any rate.

Mr. W.W. Case, the senior member of our new hotel firm, arrived with his family and part of his effects, Wednesday. His brother arrived a day later. They will “fix up” as fast as the rooms are finished, and expect to open the house to the public soon after the first of September. They are hotel men of experience, and we trust for their sake and the sake of the town, will make a grand success of the hotel that these gentlemen have the hearty cooperation of the people.

The Marion Tribune appeared last week as an all-home print. Bro. Crouch is making a creditable paper, barring its Democracy and anti-prohibition features. But, we have hopes of converting him from the “error of his ways” along these two lines.

Sixteen buffalo came in on a Santa Fe train Wednesday from a Mexican ranch, destined for Barney Lantry’s ranch in Chase county.

Within a radius of two blocks, on Lincoln Avenue and Cedar streets, thirteen new houses have been erected or are being built this season.

W.G. Bates completed his census of this school district, yesterday, and informs us that there are 425 male children of school age in the district, 416 females, 841, and an increase of 101 over last year’s enumeration.

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