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august 20, 1886

About Sidewalks

The ordinance published in last week’s RECORD requiring an eight foot sidewalk on both sides of Third street from the railroad crossing to the Mineral Well, has aroused a good deal of discussion, and a petition has been circulated asking the Council to repeal the ordinance. It is claimed that it works an unnecessary hardship on many property owners who, within the past year, have been compelled by ordinance to put down four foot walks; that the street is too narrow to allow so much room being absorbed with walks, and generally, that the walk is not needed anyhow. On the other hand it is contended that the street is the most important side street in the city and that the present walk is entirely too narrow. We do not care to discuss the matter further than to say that we believe a four foot walk is a nuisance anywhere, and we wish the Council would never permit another walk less than six feet wide to be laid anywhere in the city, and that as fast as present walks need repairing that they should be supplemented by walks at least six feet wide.

The croquet party at Mr. Fritzinger’s of East Creek last Saturday night was enjoyed by all.

Persons who hear strange noises issuing from cellars, caves, garrets, thickets, and other secluded places, these days, should not get frightened at the unusual sounds. These sounds are not spiritual rappings, nor audible evidence of the presence of ghosts. They are but the echoes from Democratic voices, practicing cheers for their negro candidate for State Auditor.

Rock Island surveyors have been at work in the northern part of the county for a week. We understand, but of this have no positive information, that they are setting the grade stakes.

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