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september 3, 1886

Teachers Social

By a special invitation from Mr. Brewerton, teachers of the county were entertained on Wednesday evening of last week, at his elegant and hospitable home. The occasion was one long to be remembered by every one of the large number of teachers present, each one seeming to appoint himself or herself a committee of one to help every other ones have a good time. A programme of music and toast speeches was a pleasant feature of the entertainment, and for a time the spacious parlors were filled with strains of sweet music and pure eloquence. Mr. and Mrs. Brewerton were exceedingly kind and attentive, proving themselves prince and princess of entertainers. At a late hour the company dispersed, each one feeling that the evening’s experience was indeed a social oasis in the desert of the average teacher’s life.

Mr. W.R. West, of this city, has recently “rodded” Mr. S.P. Bown’s residence and barn, and in his company, we went around to inspect the job, the other day. It is certainly a handsome rod, most substantially put up. The rod is round, with solid surface, which we are inclined to think better adapts itself to the laws of electricity than the twisted rod in general use.

A very pleasant company of young ladies and gentlemen assembled at the residence of Mayor W.H. Dudley Monday evening in honor of the presence of Miss Alice Ropes of Lawrence, who has been here a week or two visiting her University classmate, Miss Lillian Dudley. Mr. Dudley’s handsome premises were beautifully lighted, and the croquet and promenade ground presented a scene of pleasure lovely to look upon. Delicious refreshments and delightful music added charm to the occasion.

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