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september 24, 1886


The friends of Rev. J.H. Bright, regardless of church affiliations, will unite in tendering him and his bride a reception at the residence of Mr. J.M. Young this evening at eight o’clock. Everybody cordially invited

Millinery Opening

Mrs. Smith will open the largest and most carefully selected stock of millinery goods ever brought to Marion, next Tuesday, Sept. 28. To this banquet of beauty, she cordially invites every lady in the county.

Badly Bitten

Mr. Isaac Blair, a prominent farmer, living six or seven miles north of Marion, was bitten on the forefinger by a rattlesnake, this, Thursday morning, while digging sweet potatoes on his place. He was brought to town as soon as possible and attended by Dr. Morrison, but not until the deadly virus had considerably permeated his system and rendered him wild from pain. As we go to press the patient is resting easier, and we hope will soon be all right again.

Company G, Second Regiment, Kansas National Guard, Capt. Frank Doster commanding, left Marion Monday for Fort Riley, where the annual State Encampment is being held this week. The boys, thirty-odd in number, made a fine appearance in their bright blue uniforms and with their glistening guns, and we’ll risk our reputation on the assertion that of the thirty-six companies now at Ft. Riley none excel our Company G. in soldiery bearing and drill proficiency.

Mr. Phelan, of Newton, is in town this week, putting two Baltimore heaters in L.F. Keller’s fine new residence.

Mr. W.L. Winslow, father of our C.S., accompanied by his son-in-law Mr. J.S. Pryor, arrived in Marion from Bethany, Mo., yesterday. They brought some fine horses with them which they advertise for sale elsewhere in today’s Record.

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