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october 1, 1886

The Record has heretofore referred to the excellent opening in Marion for a creamery, and we shall continue, from time to time, to emphasize this fact. There’s money here for someone who has capital and experience to put into an enterprise of this kind. The city is growing rapidly and the country is filling up not only with people, but also with fine milk cows.

Florence is very much “stuck up” over the fact that it is the only town in the county in which Cole’s circus is to exhibit. Our friends down there should remember that Marion is to have the Democratic county convention.

We extend a cordial invitation to all the Democrats who attend the convention next Monday to come in and see where the Old thing is printed. We love Democrats but despise their so-called principles. Come in and see us and let’s shake hands across what Garfield called the garden wall of party politics.

Dr. Hannaford has three horses contesting in the speed rings at Cottonwood Falls this week.

A Drum Corps is being organized in Marion and soon the “rat-a-tat” of this new acquisition to our town will be heard in the land. It will help greatly to make the town lively and attractive.

Marion has seldom presented a handsomer appearance than it did last Saturday afternoon. The streets were thronged with an army of ladies, dressed in their finest attire, visiting the various stores, especially the establishments of Messrs. Buchanan and Steiner who had advertised “openings” for that time. Their stores had been elaborately prepared for the occasion, and many were the deserved compliments showered upon them for the elegance of their displays and completeness of their stocks.

A very destructive prairie fire swept over a part of Clear Creek Township Wednesday, burning about two hundred and fifty tons of hay. Messrs. Early, Dean, Shaner, Pritz and others were losers.

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