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november 12, 1986

Let There Be Light

The enterprising Mr. W.W. Case, of the Elgin Hotel, has been in correspondence for some time with parties in the east, concerning an electric light plant which it is believed can be procured for Marion upon unusually favorable terms. At his instance, a number of business men met in the elegant Elgin parlors Tuesday night to consider this and other matters of interest to the city. The matter was thoroughly discussed and committees were appointed to further consider it. Marion proposes to let its light shine, and it proposes that the light shall be of the very best brand on the market. This is not a tallow-candle or pine-knot town.

Mr. Geo. Nichols, whose sad bereavement in the death of his wife we noted last week, has gone to McPherson to live for a while. The Record will follow him with the news from old Marion.

Dr. Davis is greatly enlarging his residence on the banks of the Luta.

Mr. Willis Hamilton, of Wilson township, has left at this office some fine-looking specimens of cotton raised on his place this season. We have heretofore seen evidences of the fact that seemingly as fine cotton can be raised in Kansas as in the sunny south.

Pedestrians and others may have noticed a fresh, circular earth-bed in the Presbyterian churchyard and wondered what it was for. If you will keep your eye on the plat of ground early next spring, you will see, possibly peeping through a mantle of snow, a beautiful display of charming flowers. The Misses Bristol, Topeka’s celebrated florists, have recently imported from Scotland a collection of tulip bulbs, which they have distributed to Kansas communities, Marion having the honor of being thus favored.

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