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december 3, 1886

Mr. N.W. Gordon, better known as “Uncle Nate Gordon” has “gone in” with Walter Sharp in the Mineral well, and will hereafter help make that health resort a greater benefit to a greater number. Mr. Gordon has long been an advocate of water as a remedial agent in a great many diseases, and will be right in his element in his new position.

Mrs. J.H. Demoney celebrated her fortieth birthday last Saturday evening, on which occasion she and her husband entertained a large number of the Relief Corps and members of the G.A.R. Post at their residence in this city. All enjoyed themselves hugely, and after the company had dispersed Mrs. Demoney found herself the pardonably proud possessor of the following souvenirs of the happy event:

Mrs. Zercher, glass water pitcher; Mrs. Bates and Compton, glass set; Mrs. Dole, glass water pitcher; Mrs. Sam Thompson and D.E. Patton, quilt; Mrs. Drake, pair linen towels; Mrs. Sam Thompson and D.E. Patton, child’s china set; Mrs. Hunter, linen towel; Mr. and Mrs. Williams, cut glass sugar bowl; Mr. and Mrs. Snider and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, dress; Mrs. Snider, fancy apron; Mrs. Seeley, gingham apron; Mrs. Dutter and Mrs. Fuller, suit of underwear; Mrs. Pratt and Mrs. Ewbank, suit of underwear; Mr. and Mrs. Perry and daughter, skirt and two pair hose; Mrs. Pracht, glass dish; Mrs. Malcomb, cambric for apron; Miss Allie Ainsworth, collar and cuffs; Miss Birdie LeMaster, collar and ribbon; Master Johnnie Thompson, birthday card; Miss Ettie Asbell, glass dish; Mr. John Dole, $5 cash; Mr. John Shanklin, glass butter dish; Mrs. Hise, birthday cake and glass cake stand; Mrs. John Bowen, linen towel; Miss Lena Bowen, handkerchief.

Dave and Bert Wheeler have purchased S.P. Bown’s stock of goods, and will “stock up” the store at once. These young men are rustlers and will make things lively, we predict, for older merchants. Competent, intelligent, courteous, and experienced in business affairs, we shall expect Wheeler Bros. to take a leading place among the merchants of the city.

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