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december 17, 1886

Weather prophets are predicting a mild winter. These are cheerful predictions, and in that particular, good. But then, we would advise our readers to prepare for a repetition of last winter’s frigid experience, all the same. Mild winter predictions are very nice, on paper, but plenty fuel for the family and shelter for the stock are good things to have around, anyhow.

The weather is warm and therefore unseasonable for heavy winter goods of all kinds, we therefore have decided to sell For Two Weeks Only! at a sacrifice of all winter heavy goods, such as wraps of all kinds, all wool dress goods, hoods, scarfs, blankets, comforts, heavy hose, heavy boots, heavy shoes, fur caps, knit caps, etc., etc., etc. We offer 3 suits worth $21 at $18; worth $16 at $10; worth $15 at $9; 4 suits worth $10 at $6; and 5 suits worth $9 at $5.75. Lockwood & Bowron.

Mr. J.B. Dobbs attended the State Horticultural Society meeting at Cottonwood Falls, last week, as is his annual custom.

Mr. Phelan, of Newton, has been in town this week, putting a Baltimore heater and mantle in Mr. L.F. Keller’s new residence.

Bills have been printed at this office for E.A. Yager, announcing a sale on Main street, Marion, tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, at one o’clock, at which time will be sold ponies, wagon, harness, cow, calves, buggy, household goods, etc. Gen’l John McCarty, auctioneer.

Mr. J.S. Dean and family are, this week, moving from Peabody to Marion, where they will reside in the future. The change of residence was necessitated by Mr. Dean’s being elected county attorney this fall, it being essential that he be at the county seat the greater part of the time, the more properly to fill the position to which he was placed by the people of the county. He is a well-read lawyer, a good pleader, and will make a valuable acquisition to Marion’s bar. The legal affairs of the county are safe in his hands.

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