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december 24, 1886

$200 Per Acre

Uncle Will Billings has just sold thirty-five acres of land adjoining the city, south of his Park, for which he received $7,000, or $200 an acre. The land has been purchased by a company of local and foreign capitalists, and probably means a good deal. Look out for important developments. There’s a hen on it.

Good Templars

There will be an oyster supper at Good Templar’s hall on Friday evening before New Year’s Day, and all members in good standing, and those wishing to unite with the Order on or before that time, are cordially invited to attend. Supper free.

“Joe Young,” Peabody’s great racer, has been sold by Mr. C.E. Westbrook to his son Willis and Mr. G.W. Shupe for ten thousand dollars, so the Peabody papers say. The new owners will withdraw him from the turf and keep him solely for breeding purposes.

The Presbyterian and Christian Sunday Schools will each have entertainments tonight appropriate to the most gladsome of all holiday occasions—Christmas. Owing to the incomplete condition of the Methodist church and the heavy building burden upon the membership and upon the Sunday School, the Methodist school will omit their usual Christmas doings, hoping to “make up” for the omission in some sufficient way when the church is completed.

Oursler, about midway between Marion and Florence, on the M&M, is now a regular station. All passenger trains stop there, and freight is delivered there when charges are prepaid. This will be a convenience to that neighborhood, and to all desiring to visit that section for business or pleasure.

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