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december 31, 1886

Social To-night

The Young Ladies Christian Association of Marion will hold their long deferred weigh social at the residence of Senator Crane this (Friday) evening. Every young man and young lady under ninety-seven years of age is invited. The gentlemen will draw supper tickets containing numbers corresponding to other numbers designating the ladies present and pay for the tickets according to the weight of the ladies at the rate of half a cent per pound. The weighing will be done on scales provided for the occasion. Lots of fun is anticipated.

The Rock Island line in Marion county runs twenty miles through a tract of land belonging to Scully, a resident of London, England. This land is part of the tract bought as desert land by Horace Greeley years ago, at fifty cents per acre. What a change since that sale. Now the land is worth $25 per acre. Magical transformation!

The old livery stable on the corner of Main and Fourth streets has been partially torn down, and the remainder of it will soon be removed preparatory to the erection of a fine building there this coming spring.

Write it 1887 after today.

The recently remodeled front steps to the court house look worse and are no better than the old ones. We think the Commissioners should remove them entirely, close the door, and make new entrances on the south and north of the vestibule.

The ever-alarming cry of “fire! fire!” startled the people of Marion last Monday night, and came near dispersing the audience which was in attendance at the Rink.

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