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january 14, 1887

Hon. Sam T. Howe, at the end of his term of office, will return to Marion county where he owns an extensive farm. Mr. Howe will retire from office followed by the good wishes of all the people of Kansas. He has been the most efficient treasurer the State has ever had. We make no exceptions.

Nearly every Kansas paper one picks up now-a-days makes mention of Marion in connection with its multitudinous railroad projects. No town in the State is vaulting to the front faster than this Queen of the Cottonwood.

Work was resumed Tuesday on Mr. J.M. Young’s Main street block.

The Methodists of Marion have just completed the finest edifice of worship in the county; but have made a great mistake in adding a beautiful building to the rear of a brick shell.—Hillsboro Herald. The brick part will be supplanted by stone just as soon as the Trustees can “get around to it.”

The water pipes at Mr. Brewerton’s residence bursted one night this week, flooding the library room, particularly, doing considerable damage

Say, have you seen a white and black spotted sow prowling ‘round your premises? Do you know where it is? We’ve taken a contract to find that hog, and want to know of its whereabouts awful badly. If you’ve seen such a porker, won’t you show up at this office at once?

Nine persons united with the Methodist church last Sunday morning.

The Commissioners have contracted for five new iron bridges. The Record does not wish to criticize the action of the Board in this matter, but we are deeply impressed with the importance of constructing bridges of stone and we think the folly of sending money out of the county in this way could and should be stopped.

For Sale Cheap

A good new house of three rooms and pantry, two porches and cellar, on a little over three acres of ground in the suburbs of Marion. There is a large and splendid variety of fruit, a good well, stable, hen house, corral on the place. This property will be sold at a sacrifice; time will be given on part of the purchase money. H.C. Kalfus, West of Hannaford’s Quarry.

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