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february 4, 1887

An eastern gentleman has been here this week trying to buy the Mineral Well. There’s “millions in it”—to a man who has money enough to run it.

The ground hog saw his shadow Tuesday. Now, if you get out of coal or pawn your overcoat within the next 40 days you can’t’ rattle around like dropping icicles and blame us for not warning you. We’ve done our official duty.

Harvey county is after a slice of this county—West Branch township. We don’t blame our poor neighbors for hankering after some of our rich, juicy territory, but then we can’t spare an acre of it, and petitions saying so were largely signed in Marion yesterday.

Lovers from abroad continue to hie themselves to this Matrimonial Mecca here to assume the sweetest and most sacred of all earthly relations—husband and wife. The latest twain thus made one in our midst were Mr. Morris Schoonover and Miss Ada A. Loguaway, both of Pottawatomie county, who were married by Eld. Foote at the Christian parsonage last Sunday.

McFadden’s original Boston Double Uncle Tom’s Cabin, to appear at the Opera House next Tuesday, is a mammoth company and will bring to Marion 25 performers, eight colored plantation singers, two trick donkeys and six ferocious trained bloodhounds.

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