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february 11, 1887

A syndicate of capitalists has combined to boom Marion as it was never before boomed. The “Marion Town Company” is the latest and largest business combination ever organized in this city. It comprises many of our most prominent and successful business men, together with three of Topeka’s leading citizens. The following gentlemen compose the company: Levi Billings, H.A. Billings, S.T. Howe, R.M. Crane, A.E. Case, Frank Doster, T.A. Bogle, S.P. Bown and Col. A.S. Johnson and Col J.E and —-Gossett of Topeka.

John Ruskin has wisely said that the real majesty of a city consists in its private residences. “It does not matter how many beautiful public buildings you possess,” says that eminent author, “if they are not supported by, and in harmony with, the private residences.”

Roger Hannaford has taken a position in the Cottonwood Valley Bank.

Mr. P.S. Corby, of Peabody, visited his fine son Brown at this hub of creation Monday.

Mrs. S.T. Howe visited with her husband in Topeka last week and S.T. returned the compliment by visiting at home over Sunday.

Mr. W.H. Morris, a prominent citizen of Canton, was introduced by Mr. W.R. Clark to the chief attractions of this metropolis, Monday, which included the beautiful editor of the Record, of course!

The ground hog has made a good start. Some more beautiful winter weather this week.

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